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The Wildlife of Kenya's Masai Mara

A fantastic safari to lake Naivasha and the Masai Mara in southwest Kenya

I have recently returned from a wildlife safari in southwest Kenya. It was a three base trip, starting in Lake Naivasha, moving on to the Masai Mara and ending in the adjacent Naboisho Conservatory. It was a fantastic trip and my photos are being added to two Galleries, Kenya Safari Birds and Kenya Safari Animals. I have provided more information about the three bases and the wildlife seen below.

Lake Naivasha

Our base at Lake Naivasha was Elsamere Lodge and Conservation Centre, the historic home of Joy Adamson of 'Born Free' fame. The main focus for wildlife watching was the wide variety of birds at the lodge, and on day trips to Lake Naivasha and Lake Elementaita. However, we did have warthogs, giraffe and colobus monkeys roaming around the gardens of the lodge to add mammalian interest.

A male red-headed weaver, in the grounds of Elsamere Lodge

Black-and-white colobus monkeys, also in the grounds of Elsamere Lodge

A pair of great white pelican at Lake Naivasha

A great cormorant drying its plumage, Lake Naivasha

Warthogs feeding in the grounds of Elsamere Lodge

A pair of grey crowned crane at Lake Elementaita

Masai Mara

The Masai Mara is justifiably famous as a classic African safari location. Home to the 'Big Five' it has an impressive array of savannah mammals and birds to view. Animal highlights were the three big cats (lion, leopard and cheetah), elephant, zebra, giraffe, hyena, and an array of antelopes and gazelles. Bird highlights included ostrich, southern ground hornbill, vultures and several raptors.


Southern ground hornbill

African elephant

Plains zebra 'friends'

Lilac-breasted roller

Thompson's gazelle

Lappet-faced vultures

Hyena showing some impressive teeth

Naboisho Conservatory

The Naboisho Conservatory is situated just to the northeast of the Masai Mara main reserve. It has the same range of animals and birds as the Masai Mara, with the advantage of less safari vehicles. There is a high concentration of lions on the conservancy indicating a healthy amount of game to prey on. The lions didn't disappoint, along with a great selection of other wildlife sightings such a the impressive kori bustard.

Male lion roaring

Kori bustard

Bull cape buffalo

Von der Decken's hornbill

Topi family

So a great safari experience. As mentioned in the introduction to this Blog there are many more photos are available in the two Kenya safari Galleries on my website if you are interested 😊


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