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My View - Derwentwater West Shore

Suggested photo locations on Derwentwater west shore

I plan to prepare a series of blogs of my favourite photo locations, which will hopefully be helpful to some people less familiar with the area in question, and maybe inspire an idea or two for a day out. I will start with Derwentwater, as it is fairly close to home and I therefore have visited the area many times. This blog focuses on the west shore. The map below shows five areas I would recommend you to visit.

1 - The ferry landing stages (jetties)

There are three jetties at ferry landing stages on the west shore, and each one has its merits for photos. These are located at Brandelhow Bay, Old Brandelhow and Hawes End. Please bear in mind that due to constant use and occasional bad weather and flooding the jetties are replaced from time to time with new versions. They offer potential for great photos either side or straight on, especially at sunrise and on frosty, misty mornings.

2 - The shoreline

There is plenty of interest for photographers along the shoreline from Hawes End to Great Bay in addition to the jetties, with some great views of Skiddaw and Blencathra fells as backdrops. Here are a couple of examples.

3 - Brandelhow

Brandelhow includes an area of deciduous woodland which provides brilliant colours in spring and autumn. A favourite view of mine is of a traditional lakeland barn with Catbells fell behind. Other options are from a path running alongside the barn and in the different woodland sections.

4 - Slopes of Catbells fell

There is a bridleway running along the side of Catbells fell which allows a quick opportunity to gain some height and offers great views, especially at sunrise. The intro photo to this blog is an example, with another below.

5 - Catbells summit

Last, but by no means least, is the summit of Catbells. You will find many amazing photos of sunrises and cloud inversions taken from this relatively easily accessible fell. This is somewhere I will certainly be visiting more often in future, and the photo below shows the kind of reward you will get for an early start in the morning!

If you find this blog useful please let me know via the contact page, as it will help me decide whether to do a few more.


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