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214 Wainwrights Completed

My challenge to take 'Selfies' on every Wainwright is complete!

This is a further update to earlier Blogs regarding my challenge to take 'Selfies' on every one of the 214 Lake District Wainwrights. In late March 2023 I completed the challenge!

My final fell of the 214 Wainwrights to be completed was Scafell Pike (below) in southwestern Lake District on 27 March 2023. I left the highest fell to last. I had a little bit of bubbly to celebrate!

Celebrating 214 Wainwrights Coompleted
Scafell Pike Summit

The challenge was a fantastic experience with many long lasting memories. I have, of course, also been taking 'Selfies' on every fell summit as part of the challenge. These are now uploaded onto my website. If you can stand seeing 214 photos of me on top of fells, or perhaps more likely you want to check up on a favourite fell or two, then please follow this link - Wainwrights

Thank you to my hiking buddies Mike and Jon who has been a regular on many of the walks over the last few months and who have taken many of the photos, and also to my wife Helen who has now picked up the Wainwright bagging bug and also has to put up with me on a daily basis. Also many thanks to all of the other friends who have accompanied me on some of the hikes.

I haven't stopped hiking the fells as Mike and Jon are nearing the end of the same challenge and I will be supporting them when they complete it, and looking forward to seeing yet more wonderful Lake District scenery.


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